One way to be born in Texas is to have your mother and father try to move to California and have the car break down. That's what happened to Marion's parents, Edmund Ironside and Freda Bamford during the Great Depression.   Through the school system, Marion learned the advantages of the "Lone Star State" She was branded for life.

The most important decision was made at the age of 3 while her mother read to her of Jesus dying on the cross to save not only big people but also little girls, too. This sorrow for disobedience and wrongs coupled with a childlike faith to ask God's son into her life was reaffirmed many times during her younger years. A godly home schooled her well in the ways of the Christian life.

At 16, she graduated from high school and went to Wheaton College outside the Windy City of Chicago. She nearly froze to death the first year. She became an anthropology major and later doubled her major to include education. Christian service was important to her so on Sunday afternoons, she ventured out with scores of college kids to teach Sunday school on Chicago's South Side. It was during this time and ministry she met a guy from New Jersey who was studying to be a pastor. He worked to pay his way, went to class and ran on the track team. In time they fell in love, married and along came Betty Anne their pride and joy. The next stop was Dallas Theological Seminary involving four years of studying, working for a living and growing a church in North East Texas. Marion was back home again and reveled in the energy of the Southwest.

Much prayer led to Canada. In the course of time, churches were served in Oakville, Ontario; Roslyn, Pennsylvania; Oshawa, Ontario and Mitchell Corners, Ontario. Marion was a master teacher of spiritual truth. She loved to study, learn, organize scripture and present it with passion and pizzazz. Along the way, people of all ages and walks of life have bonded with her in fast friendships that lasted for a lifetime.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. - Psalm 116:15