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Multimedia Update

Jun 9, 2006

Carriage Country is now live on the Internet of course..
What's new is the fact that the building is linked direct
to the Web. We also have emails for the pastor, the
deacons, and administration.

The emails addresses are as follows
(pastor's emails in now privite and goes directly into his
office computer for confidentiality)
(for messages directed to our deacons)
(for messages directed to church admin, webpage comments,
additions to webpage and requests for tapes and cds and any
other types of requests)

The Multimedia System is up and running as everyone is
aware! We can do movies, powerpoint presentations, excel
and word presenations.

The use of the mulimedia system is by requistion at the
office. Please see the office for details.

We've also moved to a new phase on the sound board. The
Multimedia computer now captures entire service in MP3
format. This will enable us more efficiently archive the
messages, reduce cost in archiving, and give us a much
better quality recording.

Any question or concerns regarding the new additions above
can be addressed by sending an email to

Have a blessed day!